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Bedroom | Armoires


**The furniture shown in our galleries is just a partial presentation of the furniture available with Circles in the Wind. With this many possibilities not all items are currently in stock so please be sure to contact us for availability. We work very closely with our builders to get you exactly what you’re looking for. If you don’t see that here, stop by our store for more options – or let us know what you want and we’ll get it built especially for you!

Bedroom Armoires

5 Drawer 1 Door Aspen Walnut Armoire
Shaker Mirror Armoire
2 Drawer Armoire - Rustic Pine
Wellington 5-Drawer Armoire
Superior Shaker 5-Drawer Armoire
Shaker 9-Drawer Male Armoire
Shaker 5-Drawer Armoire
Shaker 2-Drawer Armoire
Princeton 3-Drawer Armoire
Premier Shaker Armoire
Mondovi Sliding Door Armoire
Mondovi 5-Drawer Armoire
Mondovi 3-Drawer Armoire
McCoy 9-Drawer Male Armoire
McCoy 5-Drawer Armoire
McCoy 3-Drawer Armoire
McCoy 5-Drawer Armoire
McCoy 2-Drawer Armoire
Lavega 3-Drawer Armoire
Lavega 1-Drawer Armoire
Hampton 5-Drawer Armoire
French Country 9-Drawer Male Armoire
French Country 3-Drawer Armoire
French Country 2-Drawer Armoire
Escalade 9-Drawer Male Armoire
Escalade 3-Drawer Armoire
Escalade 5-Drawer Armoire
Ensenada 6-Drawer Sliding Door Armoire
Ensenada 1-Drawer Armoire
Classic Shaker 9-Drawer Male Armoire
Classic Shaker 3-Drawer Armoire
Classic Shaker 5-Drawer Armoire
Classic Mission 3-Drawer Armoire
Castlebury 3-Drawer Armoire
Brooklyn Mission 2-Drawer Armoire
Brooklyn Mission 5-Drawer Armoire
Brooklyn Mission 2-Drawer Armoire
Berkley 6-Drawer Armoire
Batavia 5-Drawer Armoire
Woodberry Armoire
Modesto Chest and Armoire
Caledonia Armoire
Addison Anywhere Armoire
Sierra Mission Armoire
Ouray Chifferobe
Cascade Armoire
Schwartz Mission Chifferobe
Schwartz Mission Armoire Chest-on-Chest
Schwartz Mission 1 Piece Armoire
Royal Mission Chifferobe
Royal Mission Armoire
Palisade Armoire
Marshfield Armoire
Jacobson Armoire
Heritage Wardrobe
Heritage Chifferobe
Heritage Armoire Chest-on-Chest
Heritage Armoire
Hamilton Court Armoire
Charleston One Piece Armoire
Bungalow Chifferobe
Bungalow Armoire
Breckenridge Chifferobe
Hilltop Armoire
Side Door Armoire - Aspen
Side Door Armoire - Red Cedar
3 Drawer Armoire - Aspen
Timbra Sliding Door Chifferobe
Timbra Armorie
Orewood Sliding Door Chifferobe
Timbra Wardrobe Armoire
Timbra Chest Armoire
Sequoyah Sliding Door Chifferobe
Shaker Sliding Door Chifferobe
Old Classic Sleigh Sliding Door Chifferobe
Matison Sliding Door Chifferobe
Lexington Sliding Door Chifferobe
Imperial Chest Armoire
Ironwood Sliding Door Chifferobe
Houston Sliding Door Chifferobe
Heidi Sliding Door Chifferobe
Hoosier Heritage Sliding Door Chifferobe
Finland Sliding Door Chifferobe
Flush Mission Sliding Door Chifferobe
Empire Sliding Door Chifferobe
Dumont Sliding Door Chifferobe
Chippewa Sleigh Sliding Door Chifferobe
Carlisle Sliding Door Chifferobe
Boulder Creek Sliding Door Chifferobe
Artesa Sliding Door Chifferobe
Lexington Armoire
Shaker 2 Drawer Armoire
Vandalia 3 Drawer Armoire
Vandalia 2 Drawer Armoire
Shaker 6 Drawer Armoire
Shaker Armoire
Kountry Treasure 3 Drawer Armoire
Jaymont 3 Drawer Armoire
Homestead Armoire
Granny Mission Armoire
Brockport 3 Drawer Armoire
Ashton Armoire
Vandella Wardrobe Armoire
Vandella 3 Drawer Armoire
Vandella 2 Drawer Armoire
Vandella Chest Armoire
Sequoyah Chifferobe
Sequoyah Wardrobe Armoire
Sequoyah 3 Drawer Armoire
Sequoyah 2 Drawer Armoire
Sequoyah Chest Armoire
Stick Mission 3 Drawer Armoire
Stick Mission 2 Drawer Armoire
Shaker Chifforobe
Shaker Wardrobe Armoire
Shaker 3 Drawer Armoire
Shaker 2 Drawer Armoire
Shaker Chest Armoire
Reno 3 Drawer Armoire
Reno Chest Armoire
Old Classic Sleigh Chifferobe
Old Classic Sleigh Wardrobe Armoire
Old Classic Sleigh 4 Drawer Armoire (79.5h)
Old Classic Sleigh 4 Drawer Armoire
Old Classic Sleigh 2 Piece Chest Armoire
Matison Chifferobe
Matison Wardrobe Armoire
Matison 3 Drawer Armoire
Matison 2 Drawer Armoire
Matison Chest Armoire
Lexington Chifferobe
Lexington Wardrobe Armoire
Lexington 3 Drawer Armoire
Lexington 2 Drawer Armoire
Lexington Chest Armoire
Kascade Chifferobe
Kascade Wardrobe Armoire
Kascade 3 Drawer Armoire
Kascade 2 Drawer Armoire
Kascade 2 Piece Chest Armoire
Ironwood Wardrobe Armoire
Ironwood 3 Drawer Armoire
Ironwood 2 Drawer Armoire
Ironwood Chest Armoire
Houston Chifferobe
Houston Wardrobe Armoire
Houston 3 Drawer Armoire
Houston 2 Drawer Armoire
Houston Chest Armoire
Heidi Chifferobe
Heidi Wardrobe Armoire
Heidi 3 Drawer Armoire
Heidi 2 Drawer Armoire
Heidi Chest Armoire
Hoosier Heritage Chifferobe
Hoosier Heritage Wardrobe Armoire
oosier Heritage 3 Drawer Armoire
Hoosier Heritage 2 Drawer Armoire
Hoosier Heritage Chest Armoire
Finland Chifferobe
Finland Wardrobe Armoire
Finland 3 Drawer Armoire
Finland 2 Drawer Armoire
Finland Chest Armoire
Flush Mission Chifferobe
Flush Mission Wardrobe Armoire
Flush Mission 3 Drawer Armoire
Flush Mission 2 Drawer Armoire
Flush Mission Chest Armoire
Empire Chifferobe
Empire Wardrobe Armoire
Empire 3 Drawer Armoire
Empire 2 Drawer Armoire
Empire Chest Armoire
Dumont Wardrobe Armoire
Dumont 3 Drawer Armoire
Dumont 2 Drawer Armoire
Dumont Chest Armoire
Chippewa Sleigh Chifferobe
Chippewa Sleigh Wardrobe Armoire
Chippewa Sleigh 5 Drawer Armoire
Chippewa Sleigh 4 Drawer Armoire
Chippewa Sleigh 2 Piece Chest Armoire
Carlisle Chifferobe
Carlisle Wardrobe Armoire
Carlisle 3 Drawer Armoire
Carlisle 2 Drawer Armoire
Carlisle Chest Armoire
Boulder Creek Chifferobe
Boulder Creek Double Wardrobe Armoire
Boulder Creek Wardrobe Armoire
Boulder Creek 3 Drawer Armoire
Boulder Creek Armoire
Boulder Creek Chest Armoire
Artesa Chifferobe
Artesa Wardrobe Armoire
Artesa 3 Drawer 2 Door Armoire
Artesa 2 Drawer 2 Door Armoire
Artesa Chest Armoire

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